Lottie Consalvo

Mayfield Project


Anne Middleton, Archibald Finalist 2018


Oil on Linen

192 x 192cm

Archibald Finalist Art Gallery of NSW 2018

Kate Bergin, Hawthorn

Hanging majestically in a grand Victorian home, beautifully reinvigorated by Fiona Austin of Austin Designs, the brief was to bring a contemporary feel to the revitalised residence whilst complimenting its strong architectural features. Bergin's work was a perfect fit. Bergin's objects and creatures are presented on the white cloth as a kind of altar-like offering to the viewer. This display also represents the connection with the tradition of still life, whilst the continuing presence of the spoons, spectacles, telephones, guns and keys which the creatures seem to be drawing from, remind us that life can be absurd, beautiful and sometimes like any fairy-tale, just a little bit frightening.

Guy Maestri, Toorak

Guy Maestri
Fall No.8
oil on linen
61 x 82cm

Sitting nicely amongst a Honey Long sculpture and work by Japanese artist Miki Taira.

Anne Middleton, Caulfield

Anne Middleton
Plegadis falcinellus – Herald of the Flood and Healer of the Sacred Eye, 2016
oil on linen
192 x 252cm

Anne Middleton, Palm Beach

Anne Middleton, diptych
Of Love, Fidelity and the Colour Purple & The Gentle Messenger – Pied Imperial Pigeon, 2015
Oil on linen
96 x 252cm

Sally Jourbet, Hawthorn

Sally Jourbet, commission
Flinders Coast Line
Oil on Linen, 2017
200 x 80cm
Hanging proudly in a stunnung residence designed by Templeton Architecture.

Chris Wake, Toorak

Chris Wake
Diva in the Paddock with Flying Dog
oil and acrylic on linen
120 x 100cm
A work from the Global Rescue exhibition, Amelia Johnstone Contemporary, Hong Kong.
A Sovereign Art Award Finalist.

Anne Middleton, Toorak

Anne Middleton, commission, diptych Honey is the Flower Transmuted & Lavender of Wealth, Wisdom and Expansive Horizons 2016, oil on linen, 96 x 252cm Hanging proudly in a beautifully designed Robert Mills house, Toorak, Melbourne, Australia. Photography by the talented Kate Collingwood.