Cameron Robbins

Kooyongkoot Project


Lottie Consalvo

Mayfield Project


Michael Cook

Toorak Collection

This collector has a strong affiliation with digital art and is a great supporter of Australian indigenous artists. Michael Cook is one of Australia’s most recognised.

This work from Cook’s “Civilised” series explores Australia’s first people and the colonisers view on structured society. Its a moody and moving tribute to our turbulent history.

Jenny Watson

Towers Place Project

How people relate to art is a very personal journey and experience. Often we will see vastly differing elements from others within the same work.

This was the case with this work by Australian artist Jenny Watson. For one half of the couple they saw childhood days riding in the outback, whilst the other […]

Sally Jourbet

Hawthorn Project

Having many happy memories holidaying on the beautiful Flinders coast line, we commissioned Melbourne artist Sally Jourbet to capture the natural beauty of this special place. The finished commission is breathtaking sitting comfortably in this Emma Templeton designed house.

Brook Andrew

Brook Andrew is one of Australia’s most highly collected artist and curators and a must have for the collecting group Illumin8.


Joshua Yeldam, Hong Kong

Joshua Yeldam, diptych
Acrylic on hand carved linen paper
200 x 200cm