Anne Middleton, Archibald Finalist 2018


Oil on Linen

192 x 192cm

Archibald Finalist Art Gallery of NSW 2018

Anne Middleton, Caulfield

Anne Middleton
Plegadis falcinellus – Herald of the Flood and Healer of the Sacred Eye, 2016
oil on linen
192 x 252cm

Anne Middleton, Palm Beach

Anne Middleton, diptych
Of Love, Fidelity and the Colour Purple & The Gentle Messenger – Pied Imperial Pigeon, 2015
Oil on linen
96 x 252cm

Anne Middleton, Toorak

Anne Middleton, commission, diptych Honey is the Flower Transmuted & Lavender of Wealth, Wisdom and Expansive Horizons 2016, oil on linen, 96 x 252cm Hanging proudly in a beautifully designed Robert Mills house, Toorak, Melbourne, Australia. Photography by the talented Kate Collingwood.