Anne Middleton

Kooyongkoot Road Project

The entrance to this magnificent Melbourne Victorian home required a very specific art solution. A commission by renowned artist Anne Middleton was the appropriate outcome. This collaboration between GBC, the collector and interior designers Austin Design Associates aim was to compliment the plaster work and filagree of this grand dame whilst bringing colour […]

Brook Andrew

Brook Andrew is one of Australia’s most highly collected artist and curators and a must have for the collecting group Illumin8.


Maningrida Cerimonial Logs

Kooyongkoot Road Project

An international executive couple sort to include Australia’s first people into their collection. These very refined, beautifully painted cerimonial logos from our top end sit serenely in amongst the detail of this grand old Victorian residence.

Myoung Ho Lee

Kooyongkoot Road Project

A discerning international couple wanted their collection to reflect their travel and experiences, Korean artist Myoung Ho Lee was a perfect fit.

Dr Christian Thompson

Toorak Collector

Dr Christian Thompson, Australia’s most accomplished indigenous artist.

This work is from “We Bury Our Own” and is also held by the Australian National Gallery in Canberra.

Anne Middleton, Archibald Finalist 2018


Oil on Linen

192 x 192cm

Archibald Finalist Art Gallery of NSW 2018

Mary-Anne Nampijinpa Michaels, Hong Kong

Mary Anne Nampijinpa Michaels
Lappi Lappi Dreaming
Acrylic on Linen
107 x 91cm

Kate Bergin, Hawthorn

Hanging majestically in a grand Victorian home, beautifully reinvigorated by Fiona Austin of Austin Designs, the brief was to bring a contemporary feel to the revitalised residence whilst complimenting its strong architectural features. Bergin's work was a perfect fit. Bergin's objects and creatures are presented on the white cloth as a kind of altar-like offering to the viewer. This display also represents the connection with the tradition of still life, whilst the continuing presence of the spoons, spectacles, telephones, guns and keys which the creatures seem to be drawing from, remind us that life can be absurd, beautiful and sometimes like any fairy-tale, just a little bit frightening.

Candida Hofer, Hong Kong

Candida Hofer
Palais Garner Paris XXXIII
242 x 200cm
Provenance Ben Brown Fine Arts, Hong Kong.

Yang Yong-liang, Melbourne

Yang Yong-liang
Viridescence Page 02, 2009
Epson inkjet print on fine art paper
44 x 44cm